Friday, February 18, 2011

The Gospel According to Soccer

It has been a bright sunny friday and I reflect on how my week went, a week in which Valentine was celebrated and I did not even notice the reds on the streets and shops, same week my favourite soccer team Arsenal FC was playing FC Barcelona, setting up the best football can offer by the two best soccer tappers in England and Spain and I dared to miss it! I think of the sacrifice I had to make to face the challenges I had to face, the decisions I had to make and the consequences I had to face. I know that we are usually never alone.

I may have missed the long anticipated match and lost the feeling of the live action but I dare not miss an important lesson it emphasized which reminded me that I was not alone facing my business and now gives me the confidence to look forward to a beautiful weekend and an even better and blissful week afterwards!

For 75mins! Arsenal tirelessly chased breakthrough and still was loosing but in 5mins they got more than just one breakthrough and suddenly for 10mins they were the ones protecting a victory and at 90mins they were celebrating success and being congratulated! The nightmare was over, done and dusted, the game was won and lost!

Perhaps u have a situation that seems to be hopeless or getting worse or even jinxed... There is a God of turn around and as long as he knows u won't try to share his glory with him, he will sort you out if you do not give up first. there is indeed a supernatural power that backs our hard work to produce desired results and i believe in him.

Have you whispered in the dark to him?
You don't need to cry out loud to him
Because he even knows your thoughts
He knows and I know, he answers prayers.

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